Base Directed Edge Algorithm

direct edge was a Jersey city, New Jersey-based stock exchange operate two separate platforms, EDGA exchange and EDGX exchange. begin in March 2009, direct edge's market share ranged from 9 % to 12 % of America equities trading volume, and regularly traded one to two billion shares per day. In 2005, the assets of achieve were buy by Knight capital group and subsequently spun off two years later as the re-branded direct edge ECN.In November 2011 direct edge annunciated intention to open an stock exchange outside the unite state, in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, in the last fourth of 2012.On January 31, 2014, bat Global Markets and direct edge completed a merger, with the combined company use the bat Global Markets name. In July 2010, direct edge successfully made the transition, decommissioning both ECN platforms and the ISE Stock exchange, leave what is now America ’s newest stock exchange.

Base Directed Edge source code, pseudocode and analysis